Exterior wall cladding in Dubai not only attends to the glamorous ambient for the building. Cladding is the best method to protect the walls from harmful influences outside the house.

Why do most buildings in Dubai use stone as the primary material for cladding their wall? Here are the answers to why.

1. Increase the Mechanical Strength

Stone is one of the strongest materials in the architectural world. Rather than using porcelain tiles in Dubai, stone can be a more robust material to protect your house.

While building a new house, stone wall tiles are easy to install. It will significantly reduce the cost of the installation.

Several types of wall cladding, such as ceramic tile UAE were not hard enough to protect the wall. After several years, it can easily crack or have scratches on its surface, making it look not nice.

Stone tiles are hard enough, and it is not easy to scratch them, so your building will remain the same after years.

2. Resistant to Extreme Weather

Another advantage of using stone wall tiles is that it was resistant to any weather. Natural stone has a unique characteristic that can easily absorb heat from sunlight or the environment.

Your building will still cool even though the temperature outside was going crazy. It is an essential material if you want a comfortable house to stay during the summertime.

Natural stone tiles also sustain after the water hits their surface for a long time. The different temperatures at night and midday will not affect the stone tiles because they are strong enough to handle them.

Favorite Stone Wall Tiles Dubai

Stone Wall Tiles Dubai
Stone Wall Tiles Dubai for Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

There are different stones available for the wall tiles, and each has unique characteristics. If you are looking for a glamorous style for your property, read the explanation below.

Types of Stone Tiles

Different buildings also need different types of stone for wall tiles due to the design. People in Dubai usually use few materials such as Bali Basalt, white limestone, lava stone, or even pebbles.

Available in Different Colors

Each material has a different color. You only need to adjust your need due to your design. For example, lava stone will give you black or shady gray tiles so that they will suit your monochrome design.

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