Best Indonesia Natural Stone

Best Indonesia Natural Stone for Pool

When starting a new project, you will always think about using the best material. If you search for high-quality natural stones, then Indonesia will be the answer.

Building a new swimming pool is a challenging task to do. You need the perfect material that is not slippery, durable and has a fantastic look in one package.

Indonesian natural stone has all these characteristics, and these are the two most popular natural stones for swimming pools.

–      Green Sukabumi Stone

In the first place, there is Green Sukabumi Stone, which has a greenish emerald color. This stone will make your swimming pool look stunning without a doubt. Many luxurious hotels or villas use this stone for their swimming pool.

Green Sukabumi stones contain a chemical substance called zeolite that can absorb any contaminant in your pool. Using this stone means that the water is healthier and cleaner. It will need less maintenance on your pool.

After you fill the pool with water and the sunlight starts hitting the bottom of your pool, you will see the stone sparkling.

–      Black Lava Stone

If you want something different, black lava stone will make your swimming pool look stunning. This stone was formed naturally deep down inside the earth at high temperatures, so it was high in density.

Black Lava Stone has been used since ancient times, and you can see the Borobudur Temple still survives today. These stones are the best examples of a natural stone that brings the tropical forest atmosphere to your swimming pool.

Black Lava stone has unique smooth textures to bring a special ambiance to your swimming pool. Moreover, this stone is resistant to bad weather, no matter the coldest or hottest summer.

Why Choose Natural Stone?

If you are still wondering why natural stone is better than any other materials, then here is the explanation about the benefits of natural stone:

1.   Had a Lot of Benefits

Natural stone formed naturally is 100% free from any dangerous chemical substrate. You can use it anywhere in your building without worrying about pollution.

Natural stone is also high in durability and strength. It has a unique color, perfect for building a luxurious place.

Did you worry about how expensive this material is? Maybe natural stone has a higher price because of Indonesia’s requirements or other reasons. But, let’s take a deeper analysis.

2.   Natural Stone is Very Durable

Natural stone is very durable, and it will remain the same even after several years. It also needs less maintenance, which means that your monthly expenses to maintain it will decrease. The most important is natural stones are high in ROI (Return of investment).

Because of the high prices, you should be careful when choosing the right Indonesian natural stone supplier. We can help you to get a high-quality natural stone. If you are interested in using Indonesia natural stone, don’t hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp at (Sinta) or email: