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Indonesia is known as one of the countries with active volcanoes in Southeast Asia. The geographic location also affects the geological aspects of the country. In their daily life, the news about volcanoes erupting is common because there are at least more than 120 active volcanoes with 69 of them having consistent volcanic activity. Does this make Indonesia a bad country to live in? Well, that’s not the case. Volcanoes actually provide an invaluable advantage because there are many sources of Black lava stone tiles that are useful for decorating property interiors. This is what will be our main focus in this article.

What is Black Lava Stone?

Lava Stone Bali
Bali Black Lava Stone – The Unique Bali Natural Stone Tiles

I’m sure you can guess it by name but we will give you details information about what nature has to offer. Lava stone or also often referred to as volcanic rock is a rock formation that was born from lava due to volcanic activity. The lava that comes out of the bowels of the earth has a very hot temperature, in contrast to the temperature on the surface which is too cold, the lava then frozen. These rocks are the raw material which is then processed to make black lava stone tiles that have aesthetic value. This is a valuable material that offers an abundance of benefits for more than 100 years ago.

Long before the existence of modern human civilization, Indonesian ancestors used black lava stone as the main material for magnificent buildings such as temples and statues. The use of lava stone is based on the fact that this stone has very good strength. Even some of the buildings, which were masterpieces of the ancestors, such as the Borobudur Temple, are still standing firmly today because they use black lava stone. Thanks to its excellent durability, modern humans are inspired to use the same material. It’s just that this time the rock has been processed into black lava stone tiles so it’s easier to apply.

The elegance Bali Black Lava Stone for Tropical-House Style at Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

The use of tiles is considered easier than using stone blocks. Besides that, tiles also make it easier for us to customize to make the design we want. Especially with the Bali black lava stone tiles, we can apply it to several parts of the property, such as cladding walls, pavers, or even use them for swimming pool materials. In practice, many people choose to use these tiles to make they’re interior look more beautiful. Yes, black lava stone is indeed suitable for homes that want to look luxurious, elegant, and still have striking natural elements at once.

The black lava stone tiles also work well for a tropical-house style as the stone tiles bring natural character. You will even be amazed at its ability to change colors; it turns darker when it is wet. The tiles are suitable for both interior and outdoor parts of the house. Its strength and durability ensure that the weather has nothing to do with the tiles. In short, this is a perfect item that will last forever and add aesthetic value to your house.

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The Durable Bali Black Lava Stone Tiles for Tropical-House Style