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There is no better way to end the day than soaking in the bathtub while shipping a glass of champagne. This method makes us more relaxed as if all the burdens are also falling into the bathtub and when everything is done, we become someone new. Yes, it is always great to have a beautiful bathtub. But imagine if you had not only a beautiful bathtub but something extraordinary and unusual. Bali stone baths are quite a popular furniture, especially for those who want to renovate their bathrooms and replace their old bathtubs. Now you have the opportunity to soak in a unique, exotic, and enchanting bathtub.

Balinese Bathroom Style with Bali Stone Bath

Riverstone bathtub add the Balinese touch to the Alam Manis Resort’s Bathroom

But before we dig more about the Bali stone bath, we’ll bring you a great concept for the bathroom, a traditional-styled with Balinese touch that will make the bathroom more relaxing. The Balinese style bathroom attracts a lot of attention because this concept combines the balance of nature. Not only that, there are aspects of tradition and culture attached to it. For the natural aspect, Balinese style bathrooms always use materials from nature. It starts from the floor, walls, to small details such as basins. Not only that, the aspect of tradition and culture is also present in the bathroom. Balinese carvings are often additional decorations in every corner of the bathroom.

Those elements blend into one to create a harmony that will blow your mind. Keep in mind that we haven’t had a chance to add the Bali stone bath. Once we get into that, the bathroom looks exotic and unique. Imagining that concept happens is something satisfying as you’ll have a perfect bathroom that offers comfort and tranquility. There’s no other way to decorate the bathroom and make it more relaxing than this. And to bring more natural elements to the bathroom, you can add small plants in the vases to make it green. Now you have a little piece of heaven at your personal spot.

Balinese stone bathtubs for the luxury and traditional bathroom style

The Bali stone bath is not something new, it is just now more common as more people start to attract to it. Nowadays, it is not just locals that use the stone bath as high-class resorts offer luxurious bathing experience by presenting the stone bath. This is also a wonderful item that will blend with other concepts too. So if you have a minimalist-style concept for your house, the stone bath will mix perfectly without ruining the grand theme. You might need to adjust one or two things but that’s not a big deal.

If you are about to renovate the bathroom and have no idea where to start, this is your chance to bring a different experience to your place. Changing the bathroom by bringing Balinese touch to it will give you a new perspective about it. Adding the Bali stone bath will make it perfect and exotic. Plus, this item is available at an affordable price –you can compare with other bathtub and think that the stone bath is way better.

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The Exotic of Bali Stone Bath for Balinese Bathroom Style