Our Pedra Hijau Portugal is a premium Bali natural stone for the sparkling swimming pool. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this exotic natural stone tile to improve the pool. If you need to find
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The swimming pool is a very important aspect of a hotel to attract the visitor.  Many people said that a hotel and the swimming pool are the ones completely packaged. Wherever you go, a hotel definitely has at least one swimming pool. So if you plan to build or renovate a hotel, there is a little diamond that you can try to build an exotic swimming pool inside. Pedra Hijau Portugal is a natural stone from Indonesia that is now used by several famous hotels around the world. In this article, we would like to share with you the greatness of Pedra Hijau Verde, which will create a beautiful and luxury swimming pool.

Pedra Hijau Portugal – Great Natural Stone for Tropical and Luxury Swimming Pool

Exotic Swimming Pool with Indonesia Natural Stone (Photo courtesy of Trinidad & Tobago Swimming Pool Project by Stone Depot)

Pedra Hijau Verde is a  famous natural stone that has been used in many resorts and hotels around the world. From Bali to Bangkok, Dubai to Africa, the Maldives to Tasmania, and now it is a hot prospect in Portugal. Pedra Hijau Portugal or also known as Green Sukabumi Stone is the material that originated from West Java. Our green natural sukabumi stone has a green tone that will make the swimming pool look shimmering. It will make the water look crystal clear as well. The swimming pool with crystal green sukabumi stone tiles is perfection to catches people’s attention. No wonder 5-stars hotels do their best to import Pedra Hijau Verde from Indonesia.

Even though many hotels’ swimming pools in Portugal merely used during the summer, the Pedra Hijau Verde will add the aesthetic value. This is the keyword, as the pool is not only used for entertainment purposes but also to draw people’s attention. This is the part of marketing because investing your money in natural stone for the swimming pool will generate more profit in the long run. For the calculation, the price of Pedra Hijau Verde is affordable. But it has a great quality which can reach the same level of other natural stone tiles. Talk about the quality, the Pedra Hijau is durable and anti-corrosion. It means that Pedra Hijau Portugal is the best material for any swimming pool in Portugal.

Pedra Hijau Portugal at Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

The other X-factors of the Pedra Hijau Portugal is the unique tone that will give beautiful shading to your pool. The stone looks darker when it is wet and shows a brighter tone when it is dry. It is one package that gives you plenty of benefits. Now you can use the Pedra Hijau Verde as the pool’s main material. And then use the same material for the wall cladding for the surrounding. Now you have a good looking swimming pool with the dominant green that adds tropical ambiance around it.

As for this, you understand why a small change in the hotel’s pool can bring a huge impact. It does not only boost your profit and a great investment but in the long run, the new pool material will add aesthetic value too!

Pedra Hijau Portugal is a popular natural stone from Indonesia. The beauty of this crystal-green stone tiles can create a swimming pool look shimmering and luxury. Its darker green color can combine with the tropical sense around the pool perfectly. Many contractors around the world have interested in this beauty of the Bali swimming pool tile.

Pedra Hijau Portugal – High-aesthetic stone cladding (Photo courtesy of Renaissance Pattaya Spa & Resort, Thailand)

Another greatness that Pedra Hijau Portugal has had is its good durability. Pedra Hijau Portugal is a weather-resistant material that can keep the swimming pool less maintenance. It because our Pedra Hijau Portugal is a type of quartzite stone that mainly composed of some chemicals such as feldspar, quartz, zeolite, and silica. It means our pedra Hijau Portugal is the natural stone for the swimming pool which has a strong and solid structure, good durability, and the beauty, that can improve the swimming pool become more luxurious.

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The Luxury Swimming Pool and the Pedra Hijau Portugal