Our Indonesia Natural Stone is a premium Bali natural stone for the sparkling swimming pool. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this exotic natural stone tile to improve the pool. If you need to find
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The Most Favorite Indonesia Natural Stone for Luxury Pool Around the World

Natural stone is one of the rarest items that are often used on a property. This rarity factor often makes the price soared. But apparently this does not make the Property Agent stop to use the natural stone for their projects. Instead, they believe that by using natural stone, the value of the property will increase in the future. So it can be said that using natural stone is one of the best investments in residential. No wonder that now many villas, resorts, and luxury hotels also use natural stone. Stone Depot, one of the leading companies from Indonesia, always uses its best-selling product as part of the projects around the world.

Indonesia’s Finest Natural Stone

Natural stone is now often used as a material for swimming pools. The use of natural stone is considered to be able to add aesthetic value to the swimming pool. In addition, natural stone can also be adjusted to the concept and style of a swimming pool. Starting from tropical swimming pools, minimalist, to the Olympic swimming pool, natural stone is used to create gradation and a unique pattern. So, not just any natural stone can be used to beautify a swimming pool. Stone Depot itself has several items that are just right for various types of swimming pools.

Green Sukabumi Stone

indonesia-natural-stone-tiles (2)
Green Sukabumi Stone for Tropical Pool at Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

We give it ‘Sukabumi’ because this natural stone comes from the Sukabumi, West Java. This is a type of natural stone that contains zeolite, which is a substance that can reduce the ammonia content in water. This can make the swimming pool clean and clear. This is very beneficial because you don’t need to clean the pool too often. In addition, Our Green Sukabumi Stone also has a distinctive green color, making this stone suitable for tropical swimming pools.

Black Lava Stone

indonesia-natural-stone-tiles (3)
Black Lavastone for Elegance Pool – Photo Courtesy of Carmel Taiba Exclusive Resort, Brazil

Formed in nature from frozen lava, the raw material is processed and shaped like tiles. Black Lava Stone has a distinctive black color, making it is suitable for a minimalist style swimming pool. The use of black as a base pool tile is rare, so you can combine it with the Green Sukabumi Stone to create an amazing pattern. One of the advantages of Our Black Lava Stone is its strength and durability. This stone is able to survive in extreme weather, both hot and cold. Anti-corrosion properties also make the quality of Black Lava Stone unquestionable.

Classic White Limestone

indonesia-natural-stone-tiles (4)
Bali Limestone for Kids Pool – Photo Courtesy of Camaya Coast Beach Properties, Philippines

Last but not least, the Classic White Limestone is perfect for kids’ pool. A wide area of the pool needs a clear white background to make everything is visible. The white base will make the guard easier to notice the kids that play in the water. It also matches with the water-playground that has colorful pool slides. This stone also has a unique characteristic thanks to the white and golden-ish color combination that makes it looks amazing.

Those are three most favorite Indonesian natural stones used by many luxurious hotels and villas around the world. Make sure your projects has one of these finest natural stones!

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The Most Favorite Indonesia Natural Stone for Luxury Pool Around the World