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Who can resist the charm of a natural green pool in your backyard? Natural or organic swimming pools, like rivers and lakes, are chemical-free and feature a self-cleaning environment. Because they filter the water with aquatic plants and natural materials, they are generally less expensive to operate than standard pools. Thus, natural swimming pools are considerably more appealing to look at in your environment since they have natural-appearing, elegantly formed, and curved borders, in addition to being healthier and having reduced maintenance expenses. There are some considerations to be made when you want to build a natural green pool of your own, one of which is the stone you’ll use for the construction. Bali green stone can be your best pick as it is water-resistant, has a low absorption rate, and possess attractive green hues that will transform your backyard like never before.

Bali green stone, a unique natural stone

The unique of Bali green stone for natural swimming pools

Bali green stone is both uncommon and gorgeous. This green stone is only found in particular regions of Indonesia, making it a unique material to come upon.

Bali green stone has been utilized in and around the pools of luxurious Indonesian resorts and villas for years because the tiles appear beautiful underwater, and this natural stone has special water purifying characteristics.

In addition to keeping your pool clean, Bali green stone has numerous additional unique qualities that make it ideal for pools and other outdoor uses. Bali green stone does not absorb excessive heat on hot summer days. It also has anti-slip qualities, which helps to keep accidents to a minimum around the pool.

This natural stone will last for centuries with little care because of its excellent abrasion resistance to scratches and chipping. It has a low absorption rate and a high water resistance. As a result, you don’t need to seal Bali green stone to keep it fresh.

Decorating your natural green pool

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The distinctive character of Bali green stone create a beauty perfection

Bali green stone possesses a lot of quality that makes it a perfect tile for the pool, but it also has unique hues and texture that makes it extremely attractive.

Bali green stone comes in a variety of colors ranging from jade to emerald. Designers frequently use different colored Bali green stone tiles to create one-of-a-kind patterns. Creative architects may create amazing mosaics for swimming pool flooring and on-wall applications. Rough polished green Bali stone is often used to construct stunning, sturdy natural stone walls around your own private paradise. Bali green stone isn’t just for the great outdoors; it can also be utilized in mosaic cladding style to create complex accent walls.

Where to purchase Bali green stone

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The Perfect Natural Green Pool with Bali Green Stone