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There are several interior design concepts that can be applied to your home. The minimalist, contemporary, and Scandinavian styles are examples of the most popular and most frequently used designs. The concept looks amazing because it brings a dynamic blend. The minimalist concept is suitable for a property that has a small area. And the contemporary styles also go well with eccentric results. Meanwhile, the Scandinavian style will make the house look more spacious and comfortable. But if you want something different, the romantic concept will make your home look beautiful, especially if you use Balinese stone basins as an ornament.

Balinese Stone Basins for a Romantic Blend

Romantic style interior design is one of the unique concepts and is quite cheap because you don’t need to apply it to the whole rooms. That means that you can choose just one room and leave the other with a concept you like. The bedrooms and bathrooms are the perfect places with a romantic interior style. Both places will give a comfortable and calming atmosphere thanks to its distinct aura that comes from the romantic interior concept. And if you want to be more specific, especially when using Balinese stone basins, the bathroom is the ideal place to apply this concept.

balinese-stone-basins-at-bathroom-alam-manis-resort-cirebon (2)
Balinese Stone Basins for the Romantic Bathroom at Alam Manis Resort, Cirebon

A bathroom is an essential place because it is a place where we prepare everything. In addition, a bathroom is also a place for us to refresh our body and mind after a day of activities. You certainly need the most comfortable place that can make you more relaxed. And a good bathroom is one that has an ornament that can make you feel calm. If you’ve been using ordinary ornaments, with a standard bathroom vanity, regular faucet, or even a clumsy bathtub, replacing one of the ornaments will make everything look different. Just try to replace your vanity with Balinese stone basins and you will see a striking change that you never imagined before.

Balinese Stone Basins are fantastic products due to their unusual style. Moreover, the natural materials used will make the bathroom look simpler but still unique. You will also see a romantic impression if you carry a traditional minimalist style in the bathroom. In addition to the use of a stone basin, you can combine it with several other ornaments to make it look more beautiful and romantic. Bring a small tree to add aesthetic value and make the bathroom look more down to earth. Besides that, small Balinese stone statues can be a perfect combination for a stone basin. This method has been proven to display a romantic aura and an elegant impression of the bathroom.

balinese-stone-basins-at-bathroom-alam-manis-resort-cirebon (1)
Balinese Stone Basin creates the romantic aura to the bathroom at Alam Manis Resort, Cirebon

For those who don’t know about Balinese stone basins, these are one of the most aesthetic items that you can get only in Bali, Indonesia. The stone basins are exceptional products as the craftsmen had to carve the natural stone by hands to shape the basin. So it is not just a regular ornament, but something valuable that will adorn the bathroom in a unique way.

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The Romantic Balinese Stone Basins