Choosing the right design for your pool could be a challenge as it will be an investment in the long run. Once you choose a material that would need a constant refurnish, that means you’re going to spend a lot of money for a long time. Bali Natural Stone as a main choice of material for your pool could be a money-saving decision that could still work wonderfully on elevating the look of your swimming pool. 

Green Sukabumi Pool

Minimalist pool with Green Sukabumi Stone in Chisinau, Moldova

Green Sukabumi stone is a type of quartzite that is known for its stunning green color. More than its beauty, this stone is widely used in hotels, spas, and resorts; it is solid and can withstand any weather. Thus, the cost of maintenance, on the whole, would be a lot cheaper compared to other types of tiles, such as porcelain tiles. Its stunning green hue would make it commonly used as pool tile as it reflects the water exquisitely. 

Black Lavastone as Pool Deck 

Black Lavastone for pool deck at Baobab Safari Resort’ swimming pool

Black Lavastone could be a perfect choice of Bali natural stone that you could use for your pool deck. It is a volcanic rock, creating a unique look that would grab people’s attention. From afar, black lava stone is still stunning to looks at as they shine beautifully under sunlight. You don’t have to worry about the slippery floors as this natural stone is water-resistant.

Sandstone for a Timeless Look

Bali Sandstone Cladding around private pool project in Sydney

This natural stone has unique ivory white to light yellow color to make your pool look timeless and classic. Adding ornaments such as wall cladding, carvings, benches, tables, or lampshades made of this Bali sandstone would make your swimming pool look like ones only royalties own. 

Black Lavastone for An Edgy Look

Elegance dark swimming pool with Bali Natural Stone in Brazil

Black lava stone is a type of Bali natural stone that is formed from volcanic lava. It usually has dark colors, ranging from light grey to jet black. This type of stone is perfect for a swimming pool as it doesn’t retain heat due to the pores that are contained within it. You don’t have to worry about touching scorching hot walls if you use this type of stone in your summer pool design.

Now that we have presented you with these summer pool designs, indeed, you’d be more convinced of how beneficial it is to use natural stone. If you’re interested in purchasing some natural stone or simply wanting to browse more about it, don’t hesitate to check out Stone Depot’s official website or contact us through our Whatsapp/Mobile phone: (Sinta) and email:

We will be more than glad to help you find the right Bali natural stone for your summer pool.