Basalt is an igneous rock that comes with a dark color and fine grains. Mainly, it comes from pyroxene and plagioclase minerals. Commonly, it forms an extrusive rock like a lava flow. However, it can form in small intrusive bodies, too, like a thin sill or igneous dike. Besides that, it comes with a composition that is similar to gabbro. However, they are actually different. Basalt has fine grains whereas gabbro has coarse grains. Basalt comes in different types and tropical red basalt is one of the most beautiful types.

The Uses of Tropical Red Basalt

Tropical Red Basalt

Basalt is applicable for different purposes. Commonly, people crush and use it as an aggregate in project constructions. Usually, people use crushed basalt for filter stone in drain fields, railroad ballast, asphalt pavement aggregate, concrete aggregate, road bases, and other purposes. The factory also cuts basalts into dimension stones. Sometimes, the factory polishes the slabs of basalt for use as monuments, building veneers, floor tiles, or other stone objects. In addition, red basalt is also suitable for swimming pool coping, floors with high traffic applications, striking wall applications, pavers, and indoor or outdoor tiles.

Tropical Red Basalt Sizes

When it comes to the cutting size, there are different options available. You can choose any size with a maximum size is up to 400 mm x 600 mm. For the thickness, the standard thickness of tropical red basalt is 15 mm calibrated. Meanwhile, the standard thickness of red basalt paver is 35 mm calibrated. Then, the thickness tolerance is about 2 mm. And, the length & breadth is up to 1200 mm.

Tropical Red Basalt Finishing

If you want to buy red basalts, you can choose either polished or flamed basalt. Anyway, red basalt is a famous basalt stone for flooring tiles with light red colors based on nice grains. Actually, there are still some other finishing options available. Besides polished and flamed finishes, red basalt is also available in bush-hammered, machine-cut, and honed finishes. Just feel free to choose the finish you want based on your desired style.

The Strange Things About Tropical Red Basalt

As we know, basalt is an igneous rock with fine grains that makes up the sea floor & high areas of the continents. Sometimes, it spews forth from volcanoes. This is also a common enough rock on the earth. This red basalt is also made up of plagioclase feldspars, pyroxene, and minerals olivine. These minerals are almost always too fine-grained when you see them with the naked eye. But sometimes, you can see olivine as olive-green glass’ with small sand-sized grains in the specimen.

At other times, you can see larger crystals of plagioclase feldspars. However, tropical red basalt can look different on an active basaltic volcano. Besides bright red, basalt can also look glassy black. Or, it may also look rough chocolate brown or even solid/full of gas bubbles. And, it may look like a rope or intestines. Anyway, this red basalt always looks beautiful, making it perfect for building decoration.

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