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Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri provides a lot of inspiration which can make it easier for us to determine the design of our project. This resort, which is located in the middle of the forest with amazing views also has a unique concept.

Besides ensuring that every visitor gets the best service with complete facilities, the resort also presents an astonishing design presentation. One part that deserves special attention thanks to its uniqueness is the magnificent stone wall.

Everyone will surely agree that this is jaw-dropping thanks to Bali Brown Amanjiwo Stone as the main material. It would be different if this resort decided to use different kinds of natural stones.

Impressive Stone Wall with Bali Brown Amanjiwo Stone

Bali brown Amanjiwo create the natural impression for the wall cladding

We all know that each type of natural stone has its own characteristics. Like marble, for example, this natural stone is known as a stone that will show an elegant, luxurious, and classic impression. Moreover, marble is also called the natural stone with the best strength, and of course, the price is also very high –that’s the consequence, though. But Bali Brown Amanjiwo Stone has its own story; this natural stone has extraordinary characteristics which is actually not bad when compared with authentic marble.

Moreover, with almost the same level of strength, many people end up choosing Amanjiwo stone because it has a relatively more affordable price.

Back at Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri, the stone walls at this resort use the Bali Brown Amanjiwo stone which makes its appearance look impressive. We can even see that with a distinctive color, the stone walls at the resort have a very strong character. There is an aura that comes from using this stone. Maybe this is what makes the resort look grandeur.

limestone-wall-cladding-exterior-bukit-daun (2)
A beautiful classic stone cladding with perfect browny color

For resort owners, using Bali Brown Amanjiwo Stone is the right investment because it will amaze visitors. Thus the resort will have a good reputation in the minds of visitors. This trick works perfectly because the resort’s stone walls don’t disappoint at all.

Talking about Bali Brown Amanjiwo stone, this is one of the natural stones that often used for landscaping and wall stone. Originating from Indonesia, it is a type of limestone which is then processed and polished to get the right cut and finish.

With the dominant yellow color, several types of limestone such as Amanjiwo stone have brown hues. The combination of the two colors gives a unique accent with abstract veins. To be applied to walls, natural finishing is the right choice because it can provide a beautiful texture. It will result just like what you see at the Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri.

For those who are planning to create amazing stone walls, Bali Brown Amanjiwo Stone would be a perfect choice as it has everything you want. And the most amazing thing is the yellowish-brown tone that will add the classic feel to the wall. Plus, this is a strong natural stone that won’t drain your budget yet the result still amazes you.

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Wall Stone with Bali Brown Amanjiwo Stone at Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort, Kediri