Green Sukabumi stone is one of the most widely used natural stones in resort and hotel projects. We all know that this Bali natural stone has its own value when compared to other construction materials. Our Bali natural stone tile has an aesthetic value that can give a different aura to a building.

Many project managers know that when working on a large project and need something that can provide luxury, they will choose a natural stone to create a perfect concept. In other words, natural stone is always the choice to create something that has artistic value. If you are designing a project, Green Sukabumi, one of the exotic Bali natural stones would be the right choice. Here are some explanations about what makes people fall in love with this beautiful stone from Bali, Indonesia.

The Beauty of Bali’s Nature

Balinese women in front of Bali swimming pool (Photo Courtesy of IG @amankila)

Bali is the perfect place to feel comfy and relaxed with its beautiful nature panorama. One of the Bali nature that can make our home project look beautiful is natural stone.

Bali green stone or also known as Green Sukabumi is a type of Bali stone that can improve natural ambiance at home. Project managers prefer to use Bali Stone to build a home or resort project which wants to bring the atmosphere of Bali island into the home.

Strong Characters for Swimming Pool Projects

Green Sukabumi Stone for luxury swimming pool project in Dubai

Green Sukabumi stone has several specific criteria that make it different from other natural stones. One of the features of the stone is the content of natural substances that can purify water. These characters make this Bali natural stone widely used for swimming pool projects.

Instead of using stone tiles, the project manager prefers to use Bali green stone for swimming pool projects because of its ability to clean the water naturally. Thanks to Zeolite. Its compounds will kill bacteria and germs, then act as a natural purifier that will ensure the water remains fresh and healthy.

Green Sukabumi Stone Has Anti-Slip Feature as A Pool Tile

Charming and extraordinary pool with Green Sukabumi at Amankila Resort (Photo Courtesy of IG @amankila)

Regarding safety, our Bali green stone has a rough surface to provide a good grip. This is very important considering that many natural stones do not have this feature, which would be very dangerous if applied to a swimming pool project. Using these Bali green stone tiles will minimize the occurrence of accidents in the swimming pool thanks to the anti-slip feature.

Looking at some of the capabilities offered by Bali green stone tiles, we can conclude that this natural stone has become a trend in its own right in recent years, especially for swimming pool projects.

So it is not surprising that people really love our Green Sukabumi tiles. They will get not only what they want, but what they need as the swimming pool projects would be perfect.

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