Indonesia Sandstone White Palimo for Wall Cladding – Photo courtesy of Carrefour, Jakarta

Sandstone is an exotic stone for wall cladding especially the white sandstone because it describes the pure natural masterpiece. Now I keen to discuss how white sandstone can be a good idea if installed in wall cladding. The white sandstone application in this article is inspired by Central Park, one of the biggest shopping malls in Jakarta city of Indonesia.

Central Park is a nice shopping center combine with the beautiful park in the middle. In the park, they use some Indonesia Stone likes Indonesia Cobblestone, Indonesia Grey Basalt, and IndonesiaWhite Palimo Sandstone. In the center of the park, they put buildings using white palimo sandstone on all sides of the wall as you can see in the picture.

The white sandstone cladding is installed with the various size likes 300×600, 100×200, 200×400 mm.

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White Palimo an Unique Indonesia White Sandstone for Wall Cladding